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KTV win a prestigious award

Getting to know our customers, turning them into very good friends and producing stunning décor that both they and their guests will talk about and always remember is the biggest buzz that our job gives us.

Recommendations we get from previous customers and wedding venues is what makes you get up every morning but when those wonderful clients nominate you for an award, it really does take your breath away. As a small family run business in a creative and professional field we take huge pride in our work and pleasing our clients. To know they’re happy enough to make such a gesture is very rewarding. 

Award ceremonies are not a new thing to us. We have been 2018 and 2019 regional finalists at The Wedding Industry Awards and regional winner at The English Wedding Awards in 2018 and back in March some of those amazing clients nominated us for The National Wedding Awards and when the awards got in touch to say they had selected us for their national shortlist of ten and asked if we would like to enter and attend a special dinner and ceremony, we didn’t think twice. Having a young family and working most weekends throughout the year, any excuse to get suited and booted and an opportunity to buy a dress and new shoes.Once you know you are truly in the running for something you realise you really would love to win it! You really do have to wait for the big night until someone says “and the winner is…” to find out. That’s kind of the fee you pay to enter – the waiting.

As with previous award ceremonies we went with the philosophy that we have as good a chance as anyone but as long as we enjoyed a great night out with each other, our amazing team and our friends from Shout, then it was well worth it. And we certainly did. We had a drink (maybe too much), a great dinner, watched people dancing with fire, cheered all the other amazing suppliers and danced the night away. What more could you want? Nothing right? But to cap it off, we won!!!!

To be honest it was a bit of a blur going up to collect the award but we managed to say a quick thank you, and we was so very proud to have our team and friends us. Here’s to another year of stunning weddings, new friends and new adventures.

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Will KTV work with suppliers I recommend?

Of course, KTV play very well with others and have built positive working relationships with 100s of suppliers the length and bredth of the UK. 

What would it cost to hire KTV for my event?

Due to the diversity of each event, it’s impossible to give an indication of cost. If you fill in the contact form, give us a few details about your event, we’ll get back to you with a quote.

Can I see some of KTV's other work

Of course, you can see some images on their supplier page by following this link or by visiting our shop for an informal chat about your next event.

How do I get in touch with KTV?

Simply fill in the contact form and select KTV from the list. He will get back to you ASAP

Is event planning a super power?

Yes, it is. We don’t know how these powers are activated. Maybe a readioactive wedding dress was involved. You should definatly ask them though!