Twister Aerobatics Team

At the Barbados Festival of Speed 2017

A few times a year I hang up my wedding and event photography hat and swap them for some goggles and jet off for some aerial photography. When asked to write about one such adventure, I chose this event if for no other reason than the views were pretty spectacular!

Despite the idyllic location, the work soon began in earnest as we set about the process of re-assembling  the aeroplanes. The heat and humidity made this task more difficult than usual, not only taking its toll on us physically but by expanding the joints we were fitting together. One Twister had to be completed in cooler temperatures of the following day (the view that night was pretty nice too!).


The Barbados Festival of Speed booking was for three displays, a daytime aerobatic routine, a night-time pyrotechnic routine (we literally fit fireworks to the aeroplanes) and, to our huge excitement, a car vs plane race around the track featuring former Formula 1 World Champion Jenson Button as the driver of a Radical sportscar!

Safety dictated that a few compromises had to be made due to the positioning of lighting poles obscuring the pilot’s vision, but once a slightly modified route was agreed upon, pilot Pete had a few practice runs around the circuit to familiarise himself with the dangers of the course (giving me some great photo opportunities).  


Jason Button – Car V Plane Race Day

The day itself could not have started much worse than it did – Torrential rain meant the standing water was several inches deep in places and lumps of palm tree lay in the road as we made our way to the track. With heightening pressure, our first task was to sit down with Jenson Button to brief him for the race (such a nice bloke!). After some quick rejigging of the running order and a lucky weather break in the afternoon, the Twister Aerobatics Team were able to display.

The altered programme meant that we ended up with two VERY quick turnarounds. Pete was soon ready for the big one – the race against Jenson. If you’d like to see it for yourself this video from Paul Wallace, aka Supercars of London, should give you a feel for just how amazing it was!

Jenson & Pete pose for a picture after the car v plane race at the Barbados Festival of Speed. A fantastic race enjoyed by everyone including Jenson!

The following day after all of the packing down had been finished, it was time to relax and make the most of our time left in Barbados. 

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